Jordan Lodge A.F & A. M.

Jordan Lodge meets the third Wednesday of each month in the Salem Masonic Building, 70 Washington St. Salem, MA.

Series I Article I (1808 - 1828)
September 21, A.L. 6014 (Original posting date)

Jordan Lodge began its existence during the last ten years of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. The charter for the Lodge was granted December 12, 1808. Its location was Danvers Massachusetts on the charter. Masonically speaking it was granted December 12, A.L. 5808 (Anno Lucis), Year of Light. Andrew Nichols Jr was the first Master to preside in the East of Jordan Lodge. Prior to May 10, A.L. 5809 the Lodge met on the second Wednesday of the month, The original meeting happened on September 7, A.L. 5808 and consisted of the remaining members of United States Lodge. On March 14, A.L. 5810 the Lodge moved to the house of Messis, Tufts, and Goodrich. This house was close to the South Meeting House. On December 25, A.L. 5816 a new hall was dedicated at the home of Brother Joseph Shedd which was located at 126 Main Street. On September 20, A.L. 5820 the Lodge moved to the home of Mr. Goodridge and this was located at 67 Main Street.

There were six presiding Masters in the East from the years 5808 - 5828 and were as follows:
(1) Andrew Nichols Jr., Past District GrandMaster 1
(12) Joseph Sprague, Past District Grandmaster 2
(25) Asa T. Newhall, Past District GrandMaster 3
Past Senior GrandWarden
(4) Joseph Shedd 4
(27) Nathan Poor 5
(78) Jonathan Shore 6

Masonic Presidents:
Thomas Jefferson - A Masonic President from Charlottesville Lodge #90, Charlottesville Virginia served from 1801-1809.
James Madison - A Masonic President from Hiram Lodge, Westmoreland County Virginia served from 1809-1817.
James Monroe - A Masonic President from Williamsburg Lodge #6 Williamsburg Virginia served from 1817-1825

17 years of Masonic Presidential Leadership with 6 presiding Masters.

Food For Thought:
A Masonic square meal will often make a Brother round.

The Pierce-Nichols house in Salem (1790) is a classic example of the Seaport homes of the time belonging to wealthy merchants. This renaissance style house is in contrast with the simple and functional dwellings like the Whipple House in Ipswich Massachusetts (1650)

The ancient Egyptians used Papyrus material to construct their columns.

In the year prior to our charter, Clarmont, a steam powered ship, developed by Robert Fulton made its maiden journey from New York City to Albany on the Hudson River. Steamboats became the vessels of transportation at the time. Fulton may have gotten his idea from Samuel Morey of Orford New Hampshire. Morey’s vessel, legend has it, is at the bottom of Lake Morey.

In 1814 Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner when he saw a United States flag flying over Fort McHenry. What did the flag look like? We will learn more about Key in a future issue.

Waterwheels and windmills were early sources of power. Our roads were rather primitive and travel was done by either walking or horseback.

In July 1827 Jedidiah Smith, a well known fur trader, crosses the Jordan River by the great Salt Lake to reach a rendezvous on the Utah-Idaho border.

August 19th, 1812 Commodore Isaac Hull, while Commander of the American warship “Constitution”, defeats the British warship “Guerriere” off the coast of Halifax Nova Scotia. The Constitution in known as Old Ironsides. Visit her at Constitution Way: Charlestown exit.

Jordan Lodge was originally a Moon Lodge. What was a Moon Lodge and why did they exist? The Lodge met “On or after the full moon.” Roads were poor and having the light of the moon was a big help.