Jordan Lodge A.F & A. M.

Jordan Lodge meets the third Wednesday of each month in the Salem Masonic Building, 70 Washington St. Salem, MA.

Series I Article X (1948 - 1968)
June 21, A.L. 6015 (Original posting date)

The following localities have served as meeting places for Jordan Lodge: Andrew-Nichols House, Old Berry Tavern, room in Barkers Tavern, Mrs. Barkers Hall, 126 Main Street, Warren Bank building, Wallis Street Peabody, and 70 Washington Street Salem.

This month will be a little different from prior months and will highlight the history of Brooksby Farm located in Peabody and owned by a former Brother of Jordan Lodge; Austin Smith, who passed in 1969.

Doctor William Austin Smith came from old New England stock and his ancestor was Ethan Allen of the Green Mt. Boys fame. Austin’s father inherited the 80 acre farm from his father-in-law. Austin married Miss Anne Breed and 1904 and their summers were spent at the farm in a charming old house built in 1645. Austin’s father, Doctor William Austin Smith was a prominent Doctor of Divinity and was the editor of “The Churchman,” in 1917. He was an advocate of free pews in churches. His belief was “To convert life into truth.” He was close friends with Reverend Endicott Peabody. Brooksby Farm was his country home and his haven of peace.

He had Tuberculosis as a schoolboy and his entire life was a struggle to live. He was born in Saint Paul Minnesota where he was also raised. He became ordained to Priesthood in 1898 at Saint John’s Providence (Episcopal Parson). On December 7, 1901 he became very sick and technically died from acute kidney attack.

Quotes by Doctor William Austin Smith:
“Work for the soul’s sake that all the clay of you, all of the dross of you may yeild to the fire of you till the fire is nothing but light, nothing but light.”

“The special interests of the have nots do battle with the haves and while both are cajoling and cudgeling the state into granting concessions, they cleave us further asunder.”

“There must be an atmosphere of common will, we must be all partners in the tasks of life.”

“You are weak persons who desire that others should sacrifice themselves to you.”

“Beautiful Surroundings can not save a man’s soul than can skyscrapers and elevated railways kill the spirit.”

“An orchard in spring was to me a holy thing that was before scab, blight and lice had been added to my daily vocabulary.”