Jordan Lodge A.F & A. M.

Jordan Lodge meets the third Wednesday of each month in the Salem Masonic Building, 70 Washington St. Salem, MA.

Series I Article II (1828-1848)
October 21, A.L. 6014 (Original publishing date)

Jordan Lodge has a lot of records from November 23, 5836 to February 19 5845; there is however one exception. There are no records to be found of meeting between January 23 and December 25 5835. On February 19 5845 Jordan Lodge met at Sanger’s Hall at 11 Park Street. The Lodge then met at Odd Fellows Hall for the years 5840 and 5841 (Holton Lodge #10) finally on October 10, 5848 Jordan Lodge met at A.A. Abbott’s office on Main and Caller streets. Worshipful Abbott served as Master from 5849-5853.

There were 4 presiding Masters in the East of Jordan Lodge from the years 1828-1848

(1) Andrew Nichols Jr. Past District Grandmaster 1
(25) Asa T. Newhall Past District Grandmaster 3
(4) Joseph Shed 4
(136) Fitch Poole 7

Rufus Choate, who was elected to Congress in 1833, received his First Degree in Jordan Lodge on December 25, 5823.

On May 9, 5832 Capital Funds were invested in the Warren Bank.

Masonic presidents:
Andrew Jackson (Old Hickory) - A Masonic President from Harmony Lodge #1 Nashville, Tennessee served from 1829-1837. Was he Grandmaster also in Tennessee?

James Polk - A Masonic President from Lodge #31 Columbia, Tennessee served from 1845-1849

11 years of Masonic Presidential leadership with 4 presiding masters.

Food For Thought:

A vertical line is often defined as uplifting and a horizontal line is defined as peaceful: put together they represent a masons square.

Peter Cooper’s Tomthumb (Steam railroad car) races a horse drawn car in 1830 and loses.

In 1830 and 1831 the Massachusetts legislature chartered 3 railroads.

January 24, 1848 John Sutter discovers gold at Sutters’ Mill and the great gold rush begins. The 49’rs as they were