Jordan Lodge A.F & A. M.

Jordan Lodge meets the third Wednesday of each month in the Salem Masonic Building, 70 Washington St. Salem, MA.

Series I Article I (1848 - 1868)
November 21, A.L. 6014

Jordan Lodge participates in a number of exciting events in this 20 year period. Unfortunately our first Master passes in March 5853. He was able, however, to install the officers of Jordan Lodge on December 22, A.L. 5852. Currently our installations are in September and not December. In 1849 Rufus Choate, a former member of Jordan Lodge, was selected as a United States Senator to complete the term of Daniel Webster. In January 15, A.L. 5851 a committee was appointed to secure a block of granite for the Washington National Monument. On October 14, A.L. 5857 seventy five dollars ($75)per year was paid to meet at Warren Hall. On December 20, A.L. 5858 the Fiftieth Anniversary was celebrated at the Peabody Institute. The brethren marched from the hall to the Peabody Institute. During the speech of the Rev. Bro. Alger the gas lights failed and the hall was in complete darkness. On November 9, A.L. 5864 25 members residing in Danvers demitted to form Amity Lodge. The brethren residing in South Danvers remained in Jordan Lodge. On April 17, A.L. 5867 Bro. William Sutton presents to Jordan Lodge the picture of Washington as a Freemason. William Sutton was raised in Jordan Lodge and served as Senior Grand Warden in 1866. He never served as Master of a Lodge.

There were 9 presiding Masters in the East from the years 1848-1868 and were as follows:
(136) Fitch Poole 7
(173) Alfred Abbott 8
(180) Charles H. Ingalls 9
(178) Augustus Towne 10
(169) Nathaniel P.C. Patterson 11
(248) George Tapley Past Master Amity Mosaic 12
(224) Robert S. Daniels Jr. 13
(229) Abel L. Pierson 14
(254) Daniel P. Grosvenor 15

Masonic Presidents:
James Polk - A Masonic President from Lodge #31, Columbia Tennessee served from 1845-1849.
James Buchanan - A Masonic President from Lodge #43, Lancaster Pennsylvania served from 1857-1861.
Andrew Johnson - A Masonic President from Greenville Lodge #119, Greeneville Tennessee served from 1865-1869.
9 years of Masonic Presidential leadership with 9 presiding Masters.


A good cure for nosebleeds is to keep one’s nose out of other people’s business.

Interestingly, projections catch light and depressions hold shadows.

In 1859 Edwin L. Drake drilled the first oil well in Titusville Pennsylvania. Also on Mount Davidson (no relation) in 1859 Henry Comstock makes a silver strike worth more than three hundred million (300,000,000). That’s a pretty penny in 1859.

Sam Houston in 1860 serves as Governor of Texas. He had earlier served as Governor of Tennessee in 1827. He got into criminal trouble and fled to Texas for failing to pay a five hundred dollar ($500) fine. Francis Scott Key, a lawyer who wrote the Star Spangled Banner, helps defend him. Sam worked with his Commander Andrew Jackson, a Masonic President, in 1829 on Indian Affairs. Sam has different views and wants Indians left alone; Jackson wants to relocate them. How many other men have served as Governor of two states?