Jordan Lodge A.F & A. M.

Jordan Lodge meets the third Wednesday of each month in the Salem Masonic Building, 70 Washington St. Salem, MA.

Series I Article IV (1868-1888)
December 21, A.L. 6014

Jordan Lodge votes to purchase chairs for the use of the officers on March 16, A.L. 5870. I wonder if those are the chairs stored at Mount Carmel Lodge: if so they are 144 years old. Pretty good shape! I wonder if any of us will still be functional at 144? Fitch Poole passes away; he was the 7th Master of Jordan Lodge. He lived three score years and ten. How long is a score, does anyone know? The Lodge on December 3, A.L. 5873 thanks Wor. Bro. Nathaniel P.C. Patterson for his zeal and commented that he was only absent 4 meetings in 30 years. Bro. Patterson was out 11th Master and 169th member. On June 24, A.L. 5879 the Lodge attends the 100th Anniversary of Essex Lodge in Salem. Was Essex Lodge the same location we are in now? A few years later on, December 12, A.L. 5883 Jordan Lodge celebrates its 75th Anniversary. The members went to the new town hall and were entertained by the Salem Cadet Orchestra. On March 21, A.L. 5883 the Most Worshipful Grand Master presented a portrait of Right Worshipful William Sutton and the Lodge voted to frame and hang it in our hall. I wonder who the Grand Master was that presented it? Is the portrait still in existence?

There were 9 presiding Masters in the East from the years 1868-1888 and were as follows:
(254) Daniel P. Grosvenor 15
(333) Henry C. Torr 16
(334) Perez L. Winchester 17
(314) S. Augustus Southwick Past District Deputy Grandmaster 18
(402) Thomas S. Johnson 19
(349) John C. Jodrey 20
(357) Charles E. Teague 21
(442) Lawrence Portell 22
(443) Joseph F. Wiggin 23

Masonic Presidents:
James A. Garfield - A Masonic President from Magnolia Lodge #20, Columbus Ohio served from 3/4/1881 - 9/19/1881.
There was 6 months of Masonic Presidential Leadership with 9 presiding Masters.


“Money is the 6th sense that helps us enjoy the other 5.” Isabella Gardner.

In 1888 Isabella Gardner buys one of the first of her masterpieces to be displayed in her Boston Museum. Mrs. Julia Gardner’s (Isabella’s sister-in-law) mother was a Peabody from Salem. We are all Masons from Peabody in Salem. In 1882 the First Federal Immigration Law was passed.

Geronimo, the last of the Apaches, surrenders in Mexico in 1886.

As a young boy in 1887 Franklin Delano Roosevelt visits Washington and meets Grover Cleveland who states, “I hope, young man, when you grow up, you’ll never be president.” 46 years later he became the President with the longest term in office. FDR, a Masonic President, was from Hollan Lodge #8 in New york City.

On July 4, 1876 the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence was celebrated. What 2 presidents died on July 4th within hours of each other? On the 100th anniversary news of Custer’s Seventh Cavalry defeat made its way to Washington. Bro. Merrit Beecher Chichester (467), a member of Jordan Lodge, served in the cavalry. He also served in the Civil War. I wonder how many other brothers served in the Civil War? The Grand Lodge of Vermont is commemorating Vermont’s Masonic Civil War Veterans on this 150th anniversary. The project encourages members to research past members of your lodge who had been soldiers in the Civil War.

Who is allowed to open in a Lodge in Ample Form? The Grand Master opens the Grand Lodge or other Lodges in Ample Form.