Jordan Lodge A.F & A. M.

Jordan Lodge meets the third Wednesday of each month in the Salem Masonic Building, 70 Washington St. Salem, MA.

Series I Article VII (1908 - 1928)
March 21, A.L. 6015 (Original posting date)

A notable evening for Jordan Lodge during this time frame occurred on November 17, 1915. W.M. Alonzo W. Tyler presided in the East with an attendance of 86 members of Jordan Lodge present, 212 visitors including 64 members on the suite. 68 Lodges were represented that night. At that time the candidates were asked to exemplify in open Lodge and a Fellowcraft did this in front of all the members. Also a silk flag was presented to the Lodge by a brother, followed by a presentation speech. The Lodge concluded by singing the Star Spangled Banner.

The Lodge then proceeded to receive R.W. George Barker Farrington, the D.D. Grand Master for the Eighth Masonic District for an official visit to Jordan Lodge. His suite included 6 Right Worshipfuls, 39 Worshipfuls, and 8 Brothers. This tallies to 53: 11 are unaccounted for.

Wor. Master Tyler was presented a Past Masters Apron on behalf of the Newspaper Friends of Boston. After the Lodge was closed the Brothers retired to the small town hall for refreshments.

Interestingly, the Master retired in November unlike today which occurs in September. Notably was one bill that was paid which totalled $1.00 to the Salem Gas Light Company. Gas lights must have been the method of illuminating the Lodge at this time. Lodge also opened at 6:45pm rather than our current time of 6pm. Interestingly, on December 15, 1915 the Lodge was opened at 7:15pm on the Third Degree ad on January 19, 1916 at 7:35pm on the First Degree. Lodges changed openings and closings in order for brothers to Exemplify. For instance on January 19, 1916 the Lodge was opened on the First Degree, changed to the Third Degree, then to the Second Degree and closed as such.

On that same evening of February 16, 1916 Levi Preston presented Jordan Lodge his fathers Master Mason’s diploma to Jordan Lodge. The diploma was issued by Mount Carmel Lodge to Bro. Levi Preston Jr. He was a charter member of Jordan Lodge and its first Junior Warden.

Researching further we notice that on Wednesday evening July 12, 1916 there were only 20 members in attendance. Strawberries were donated by Bro. Frank L. Stickney and a vote of thanks was extended to him. The finance committee consisted of the Master and two Warden much like today. Np meeting was held in August of 1916.

In 1925 Jordan Lodge hits its highest membership with a total of 478 members.

There were fourteen presiding masters in the East from the years 5908 - 5928 and were as follows:
(601) Frederick Mansfield 34
(644) Walter L. Williams Past DDGM 35
(665) William H. Hill 36
(671) Ernest W. Coombs 37
(537) Alonzo W. Tyler 38
(?) Howard W. Trask 39
(653) Arthur A. Osbourne 40
(?) James E. Pray 41
(?) Edward Rainford 42
(?) George Draper 43
(?) Alfred A. Hall 44
(?) Leroy N. Mackinnon 45
(?) Phillips Osborne 46
(?) Harry E. Trask Past DDGM 47

Masonic Presidents
Theodore Roosevelt - A Masonic president from Matinecook Lodge #806, Oyster Bay, NY served from 1901 - 1909

William Howard Taft - A Masonic president from Occasional Lodge, Cincinnati, OH served from 1909 - 1913

Warren G. Harding - A Masonic president from Marion Lodge #70, Marion, OH served from 1921 - 1923

14 Years of Masonic presidential leadership with 14 presiding Masters.

Food For Thought
When your ship comes in there will be friends and relatives waiting for you at the docks.

On April 15, 1912 the R.M.S. Titanic sank at 2:20AM in the North Atlantic. What presidential death happened on April 15 of a different year?

In 1911 Brigadier General John J. Pershing (Blackjack) was sent into Mexico. He was a prominent Mason.

Interestingly if one eats at Red’s Kitchen in the back room on Rte. 1 you will notice a framed picture of Jordan Lodge’s 100th celebration. This event was held in 1908 at Peabody Jordan Hall.