Jordan Lodge A.F & A. M.

Jordan Lodge meets the third Wednesday of each month in the Salem Masonic Building, 70 Washington St. Salem, MA.

This months Jordan Lodge history will be a copy of Wor. Emanuel J. Auen, my grandfather’s, newsletter.

Jordan Lodge A.F.& A.M.
News Bulletin
Attention Brethren,
We are to attend church service at the Unitarian Church on Sunday, June 11th at 10AM. As this is the 200th year since the founding of Masonry in Massachusetts, it should be of real significance to every brother to attend our services this year. I sincerely hope that we may have a good attendance and that every brother will appoint himself a committee of one to urge some other brother to come with us. Don’t forget your friends living in Peabody that belong to some other Lodge. We will be very glad to have them with us.

Sunday, June 11th
Our Past Masters’ Night
Brethren, I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for the splendid appreciation you exemplified by your generous attendance on this occasion. We had 106 of our own members present and 38 visitors, representing 18 Lodges covering four of our New England States and one from Wisconsin. Your Master is indeed grateful for the support you so kindly and willingly have given him, also for the enthusiasm with which you received our Past Masters and their work. We had 20 of the 21 living Past Masters with us. A splendid record of loyalty to Jordan Lodge.

The work of the Third Degree as exemplified was of such quality and excellence that your Master finds it difficult to fully express his appreciation and would most certainly not be able to pick any single section as outstanding above the rest. However, we had an added part to our third on this occasion, the charge as given to the candidates. This was delivered by Rt. Wor. Albert E. Southwick in both a beautiful and Masterly manner and was very highly appreciated by the brethren. I want to thank every one of my Past Masters for their support and willing cooperation and I sincerely hope that we may have the pleasure of a Past Masters’ Night as an annual event.

After the meeting group pictures were taken of the officers and of the Past Masters. These pictures were taken by Bro. Ernest Sprague of Jordan Lodge and Bro. Harold Whiting of the ACL Leather Co. technical staff. I want to acknowledge my gratitude to these two brothers for their kindness to us and for all their Labors in behalf of your Master and their Lodge. It was a rather late party brethren, but from the many kind comments received since this meeting I know the lateness of the hour mattered little.

June Meeting
This will be a First Degree and we will at this meeting be privileged to pay honor to one of our veterans, Bro. George B. Chandler, who will, on behalf of the MW Grand Master, be presented a Veteran’s Medal by our DDGM Rt. Wor. Arthur K. Bates of Danvers.

Bro. Chandler is the father of one of our own Past Masters, namely Wor. Joseph C. Chandler, and one of our most active as well as regular attendants. He is an expert jigsaw puzzle maker as well, and delights in bringing some of his handiwork with him on Saturday evenings for the rest of us to ponder over and often give up in despair. This meeting is our annual shirt sleeve meeting, so come prepared to be comfortable. Your officers will lay aside their tuxedos and work in shirt sleeves and comfort. We invite you all to follow our example.

Do not forget the 20th anniversary celebration in Boston, June 28th.

Visit to Concord, MA
On May 8th your Master was the guest of Wor. Bro. Whitlock and a group of insurance men who journeyed to Corinthian Lodge for the purpose of working the Third Degree on a fellow member of their group. Wor. Bro. Whitlock, a Past Master of Mystic Valley Lodge of Winchester, acted as the presiding Master; our own Past Master, Wor. Harry K. Trask as Marshal, and your Master was pinch hitting as Chaplain. We were very cordially received by the Master and brethren of Corinthian Lodge and enjoyed a splendid evening. Your Master had the good fortune to meet a nephew of one of our members and enjoyed a very pleasant chat and exchange of greetings with him. A team of 12 Fellow Crafts was part of the splendid exemplification presented by this group of insurance en, and as they have no adopted name for their group, I am taking the liberty in order that my personal record may be kept straight, to call them the “North Shore Ionic Insurance Hobos,” brethren they are always traveling. With humble apology to all my good friends whose guest I was.

28th Lodge of Instruction
Your Master and Secretary represented Jordan Lodge at the bicentenary celebration in the Salem Masonic Temple on May 15th. Several of our members were also present.

A very beautiful old illustrated bible, printed in German, has been presented to the Lodge by one of our brothers who has requested me not publish his name. The bible has reproductions of some of the world’s most famous paintings, and we are very fortunate to receive it.

Sick List
On May 15th your Master and Secretary called on Bro. Frank Sylvada at the Salem Hospital where he was undergoing surgical treatment. We found him in good spirits and much improved.

Mass. Masonic Sect’y Meeting
On May 27th your Master was the guest of our Secretary, Bro. Brown, at a dinner and meeting of the Secretary’s Association held at the Ionic Club in Swampscott.

Sweet Memories
Before our summer vacation is over, the so-called single blessedness of our one and only bachelor officer will be gone. We will be 100 per centum bonded and chained. Our pillar de resistance Oscar V. Wederbrand, Junior Steward, will be married in September. We sure wish him the very best of luck and happiness as a fair reward for his lone and persistent resistance against the charms of the future Mrs. Wederbrand. It was a brave fight, but he lost out. Brethren, you of the bonded clan step forth at our annual meeting in September and help us initiate him.

Brethren, this is the last meeting before vacation and your Master hopes that all the brethren may have a pleasant and enjoyable summer and that you will all be with us again in the fall with renewed vigor, full of interest and lots of pep to start another season and make it even better than the one just past. Please remember that if you should want us during vacation, your Master and officers are always at your call.

Fraternally and cordially,
Emanuel J. Auen
Worshipful Master

There were fifteen presiding Masters in the East from the years 1928-1948 and were as follows:
(?) Harry E. Trask Past DDGM 47
(?) Charles J. Powell 48
(?) Charles E. Essenden 49
(?) Emanuel Joseph Auen Past DDGMarshal 50
(?) Carlton Healey 51
(?) Frank W. Balcom Past Master 28th LOI 52
(?) James J. Roberts 53
(?) Lowell K. Parker 54
(?) Malcolm J. Morrison 55
(?) Kenneth R. Hill Past Master 28th LOI 56
(?) Wilbur Merrill Past DDGMarshal 57
(?) Harold B. Whiting DDGM DDGMarshal 58
(?) Harold B. Bliss DDGM 59
(?) Harold Legro 60

Masonic Presidents
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - A Masonic president from Holland Lodge #8, New York City, New York served from 1933 - 1945.

Harry S. Truman - A Masonic president from Belton Lodge #450 in Missouri served from 1945 - 1953.

15 Years of Masonic presidential leadership with 15 presiding Masters.